About Us

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Accelerated Trade Solutions is a Victorian based business servicing Melbourne metropolitan, Geelong and most regional areas.

Initially, ATS was delivering automation for every back of house process through our programming abilities; it wasn’t until much later that we understood that automation fixes human error but it doesn’t actively work to provide you, the builder, with solutions to problems that occur in stages such as design and planning, undergrounds and telecommunications, electrical rough in and fit off, digital antenna installation and final handover.

In 2018 ATS was founded. We made the decision to become an electrical, digital, and technology supplier for builders in Victoria, with an increased focus on reducing our end user costs whilst maximising their productivity and reducing human error.

Our Director, Jake Walker possesses a passionate and fierce entrepreneurial drive which he believes is a product of three generations of business and sales exposure. Every contact ATS has at its disposal is through networking in the Industry and direct feedback from new home builders and other suppliers.

Our business model has resulted in a loyal customer base. We work to understand you and your business, and this approach truly sets us apart from our competitors. Our principals centre around being flexible and adaptable when faced with onsite challenges and our responsiveness to these issues are second to none.

ATS installers have an abundance of experience to overcome the most challenging situations to satisfy both builder and client.